Analyst coverage

The culture of IGD is being written on a daily basis by thousands of men and women around the world, whose practical experience and hard work are central to our communication campaigns. Although we are an innovative company with a keen eye to the future, we remain faithful to our history and values. We have always stressed the importance of innovation, dialogue, co-operation and cult

Faster, stronger, more sustainable

Integrating the various sectors along the value chain and constantly seeking to improve efficiency, rigorous financial discipline and a strong commitment to digitalisation and decarbonization. That’s IGD’s strategy for the next four years.

An integrated strategy

IGD is aware of these scenarios and sees providing the global population with efficient and sustainable access to energy resources while simultaneously fighting climate change as the main challenge facing its sector. With this in mind, we are adopting an integrated strategy that combines financial stability with social and environmental sustainability.

The value of sharing

Open dialogue with our stakeholders allows the constructive exchange of ideas to take place, with integrity at its heart. We believe that dialogue and co-operation are crucial for creating opportunities and value for the local area.

Special service for international Trader

In today’s complex world, international trade is a highly specialized area. One of the important aspects of international trade is to provide the commercial services to the respectable businessmen in the country of origin and destinations. Having certain knowledge, experience, domination on the international trade rules, Incoterms and also the local regulations of trade partner countries is necessary for the trade work. Acquaintance of the rules & regulations of countries customs, process of entrance & exit of goods from customs, and also the process of investment, attract & support of investors by the governments is a requirement for the trade work which IGD-worldwide is ready to provide such services.

Analysis and Planning

The IGD Group can also provide services to individuals and companies seeking to invest, relying on the capability of its technical staff.These services are based on market and community needs and demands.This investment can be based on innovative and new ideas that require careful economic analysis and scrutiny.

Activity implications

Collaborate in the extraction and sale of raw materials produced by
mining companies, including iron ore concentrate, iron ore, copper,
lead ore, manganese ore, copper ore, silica, chrome ore, travertine,
etc. at 4 million tons per year It plays a significant role in boosting the country’s economy and exports to the Middle East, Europe,East Asia and Africa.

The expanding steel industry

 iron ore producers in Iran, Russia, Turkey, India, Ukraine, in collaboration with the IGD Group and exploiting their steel units,have been able to complete the steel production chain from iron ore to finished products