Like all global industries, mining and metal organisations have been impacted by COVID-19, with operations around the world being reduced. At IGD-worldwide, we’re no different. Nationwide lockdowns in many of the cities we operate in have meant reassessing production so that we can ensure all our clients and employees are safe.

Despite these reductions, keeping production at our mines ticking over is also essential as the materials we mine could play an important role in the vaccine that’s developed to fight COVID-19. Therefore, ensuring the supply of our materials is essential – now, more than ever. Iron, Zinc and Platinum are vital to modern medicines, with Zinc used to treat Crohn’s disease, Down’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s. Platinum is used in 50 percent of the world’s anticancer drugs. This further highlights the importance of the work our people do each day, and the opportunity to help the millions of people infected with COVID-19 is one we are all inspired by.

we’re also thinking about the future. By keeping many of our operations open, we are in a robust position to deal with the disruption caused by COVID-19. Once national lockdowns are lifted – and only when it’s deemed safe by local governments – we’ll be in the best possible position to restart safely and quickly, which will be central to economic recovery in most of the countries in which we operate. For now, we must continue the essential work we are doing so that the people who need us most can thrive after all this is all over.