Of the total zinc consumed in the world, galvanizing, zinc-based alloys, brass and bronze, and other uses are common. Zinc compounds and dust were used principally by the agriculture, chemical, paint, and rubber industries. Major co-products of zinc mining and smelting, in order of decreasing tonnage, were lead, sulfuric acid, cadmium, silver, gold and germanium. Zinc is used as protective coating on steel, as die casting, as an alloying metal with copper to make brass and as chemical compounds in rubber and paints; used as sheet zinc and for galvanizing iron; electroplating; metal spraying; automotive parts; electrical fuses; anodes; dry cell batteries; nutrition; chemicals; roof gutter; engravers’ plates; cable wrappings; organ pipes and pennies. Zinc oxide used in medicine, paints, in vulcanizing rubber, sun block. Zinc dust used for primers, paints, precipitation of noble metals; removal of impurities from solution in zinc electrowinning. Leading producers are China, Australia, Peru, Iran.