About us

Who we are

IGD-worldwide is a leading Iranian mining intermediary company and products supplied by us are the essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life. Our portfolio of world-class competitive operations, development projects and undeveloped resources, provides many of the metals and minerals that enable a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world and that meet the fast growing consumer-driven demands of developed and maturing economies.

What we do

Our operations comprise around 1200 mining and metallurgical sites and iron production assets in Islamic Republic of Iran. Our purpose is to responsibly source the commodities that advance everyday life. We do this by delivering on our strategy to be active at every stage of the commodity supply chain.

  • Metals and mineral
  • energy products
  • marketing
  • scrap metal
  • agriculture

Who lead us

The board comprises five directors, including three Non-executive director and two executive directors .

The board members are experts in marketing,geology,metallurgy and agriculture with master degree level.

The chairmen who provide leadership are

  • Mohammad Hossein Montazer as the chief executive officer.
  • Pouya Mahmoudshahi as the vice chairman of the board.

The leaders and employees are doing their best to provide services globally.

Where we are

The headquarter of IGD-world wide is in a city in southeast of IRAN named Kerman.

Our substitutes are ready to provide services in TEHRAN.

Our representatives are ready to meet our venerable clients at any time globally.

What we plan to do

providing international relationships between companies, factories, mines, institutions, organizations and others.

taking a positive step in creating jobs and boosting productivity.To achieve this end, it has sought to select individuals among economists and ideologists to provide a better service to human society.