Russia-Iran trade center prelude to reach $8b trade

ran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) considers the establishment of the first Iranian trade center in Russia as an effective step to pave the ground for reaching annual eight-billion-dollar trade within two years.

Chairman of the TPO Alireza Peymanpak said on Thursday that the first Iranian trade center in Russia would facilitate trade exchanges, pave the way for holding meetings between Russian and Iranian merchants, signing memoranda of understanding, preparing required documents, banking, insurance and customs consultations, as well as supporting industrialists and merchants in terms of legal issues.


The first trade center is scheduled to remove obstacles in the way of trade exchanges between Russia and Iran, the official noted, adding that different Iranian entities such as the Iranian Embassy in Moscow, the TPO, the Joint Chamber of Commerce and the parliament helped set up the center.


According to the Iranian official, the establishment of the first trade center of Iran in Russia is expected to be an important step towards materializing the outlook of eight billion dollars trade in the next two years.


He further said that the two countries are determined to increase the volume of economic ties, so the trade center can organize coordination and cooperation concerning the expansion of connections and the set-up of several exhibitions.


For his part, Chairman of the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zubov said that the trade center can pave the way for signing contracts and procuring documents as well as providing legal support when it comes to mutual economic cooperation between Russians and Iranians.

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