Iran, Brazil take 1st step to strengthen mineral, economic ties

The first step to foster Tehran- Brasília ties in mineral and economic fields has been taken as this year is named year of development of bilateral mineral cooperation, Iran’s Ambassador to Brazil Hossein Qaribi has said.

Qaribi made the remarks at Brazil’s mining congress, aka EXPOSIBRAM, in Belo Horizonte in southeast Brazil.

The first step to develop mineral cooperation is taken and “we will be close to the goals gradually,” the ambassador underlined.

Qaribi went on to say that the two countries are to enhance bilateral ties which had decreased in recent years due to the coronavirus pandemic which has killed over 6,520,000 worldwide since its outbreak in December, 2019.

Both countries enjoy rich mines and mining capacities, he noted.

“I’m sure that a very good and constructive prospect awaits the two sides.”

An Iranian delegation attended IBRAM 2022 in which more than 200 reputable Brazilian and foreign companies have participated to show their latest achievements from September 12 to 15.

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