Iran Customs Administration issued the report of the country’s foreign trade performance

Based on the report of the Public Relations office of Iran Customs , the IT department reported that the value of imports reached 30 billion and 167 million dollars which demonstrates a drop of 22.34 percent compared to the figures of previous year.
Moreover, during the mentioned period of current Iranian year, the value of non-oil exports of our country reached 32 billion and 31 million dollars showing a decrease of 11.16 percent compared to the same period of pervious year.
The main items of non oil exports included petroleum gases and hydrocarbons in form of gas, liquefied propane and pitch, and the main importers of Iranian goods were China, Iraq, UAE, India and Afghanistan respectively.
The main import items of our country consisted of corn for animal feeding with share of 3.50 percent, wheat with share 2.09 percent, soy bean with 1.94 percent, and soy bean meal with share of 1.73 percent .These items were imported from China, UAE, South Korea, Turkey and Switzerland respectively.

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